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Family friendly recipes

genki food is about simple and delicious meals – family friendly recipes for a fuss-free, happy and healthy life.


The In Just 5 food philosophy is inspired by the Japanese word ‘genki’ which means full of life, health, vitality and energy.

In these busy times it is a huge balancing act feeding the family with meals that are simple, budget-friendly, healthy and above all, tasty!

genki food offers recipes which aim to minimise costs and the time spent in the kitchen and supermarket, while maximising taste, variety and healthy options.

genki food is:

  • Good – full of flavour, taste and fun
  • Easy – low maintenance, everyday recipes and techniques
  • Nutritious – clean or ‘cleaner’ eating (except for occasional treats)
  • Kid friendly – recipes for the whole family to enjoy making and eating
  • Ingredients – economical, simple, accessible, local, seasonal, sustainable and higher welfare products where possible.

By the way, we’re also human, so we do include the occasional ‘treat’ recipe. That being said, we also offer a range of tips or options to help you make healthier choices where possible.

5 ways with…

At In Just 5 we stick to a rule of 5 to keep things simple. We keep our genki food recipes simple by using shortcuts, choosing easier and faster techniques and reducing the ingredient lists.

We also take this a step further by packaging recipes into 5 ways with… plans. This is where we identify 5 recipes that all feature the same key ingredient.

This way you can stock up on one key ingredient, simplify your meal planning and even batch your cooking for the week. We try to include freezable and prep-ahead options that make batch cooking easier to further save time and minimise waste.

We also provide you with a shopping list for all 5 recipes.

You can search for these plans via the 5 ways with recipes category.

You can also search for inidvidual recipes by using the recipe search function. Additionally can find recipes featuring specific ingredients by clicking on the ingredient link within a recipe or by using the general recipe search function.

Why genki food?

genki food grew from my own frustration as a passionate home cook, mum and a small business owner to find the time to put the perfect meal on the table without stretching the budget.

I would eagerly go through my cookbooks and pick out a mouth-watering recipe only to find it would take hours in the kitchen and needed a bunch of expensive and hard to get ingredients. Then I would get to the next night and return to the inevitable question of “what are going to have for dinner tonight?”.

I constantly felt I was going back and forth from the supermarket, yet had a bunch of half-used ingredients at the back of the pantry which I knew I would probably never need or remember to use again.

When I did find recipes which were quick and simple and the whole family could eat, I always felt like I was sacrificing something – taste, health or price.

As someone who loves cooking, I headed to the kitchen to experiment and adapt my favourite recipes. Ta da! genki food and 5 ways with… were born.

I’m not a professional cook or chef, but I am someone who loves good food and respects classic technique, as long as there is also a short-cut! Let’s face it, I am a busy working mum, and there should be no reason you can’t have the best of both worlds.

Thermomix Recipes

I’m very fortunate to have my own Thermomix and am quite addicted to using it – or ‘her’. My Thermomix is affectionately named ‘Thelma’.

I really appreciate the time savings you get with a Thermomix and the ability to multi-task – though it really depends on the recipe.

For this reason I have included a Thermomix method to applicable recipes.

Now I appreciate that not everyone wants or can afford a Thermomix, so rest assured, the primary methods for all of my recipes don’t require this equipment.

For those who do have your very own ‘Thelma’, you have the option to use it.

What’s the Japanese connection? 

You will see I refer to Japanese words a lot. I had the incredible experience of living in Japan for 18 months in my mid 20s and I have been inspired by the language, food and culture ever since. ‘Genki’ is the perfect word to describe my goals for business, food and life.

So join me and get your genki-ness on – and as the Japanese say, ‘Ganbatte!’ or ‘go for it and good luck!’ 

Kylie xox

PS Please note any information or recipes provided is based on personal experience only and doesn’t constitute advice. You should consult with a health care professional before starting any diet or exercise to determine what’s best for your individual circumstances. ***And always use your Thermomix, thermal mixer and any kitchen equipment in accordance with manufacturer safety instructions and never overload your thermal mixer. We have no support, authorisation or endorsement with Thermomix in Australia Pty Ltd or Vorwerk International AG. Refer to our full Terms of Use before using this site or recipes.***



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