How to Start Your Own Business


Do you want to start a business and don’t know where to start?

I’ve been there just like you.

I remember the frustration, confusion and the feeling of being completely overwhelmed.

This experience prompted me to create InJust5 with templates, tools and advice to simplify the whole process.

Starting a business can be broken down into 5 key steps:

  1. The business idea – first of all you need to have an idea and confirm you’re ready to start a business
  2. Research – you need to undertake some market research and check your business set-up requirements, licences, insurances and funding
  3. Experts – it’s important to speak to relevant experts such as accountants, solicitors or consultants before committing to your business idea
  4. The Business Plan – this plan needs to include detailed financial forecasts, your marketing strategy and specific goals and objectives
  5. The set-up – this is when you action administrative tasks such as set-up bank accounts, register business names, secure premises.

You will find loads of information, tools and templates to help you with the above at this site. Check out our articles on Starting a Business.

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Kylie Fennell

I love creating and curating content, strategies and resources that will make your day. I’m a Writer, Marketer, Business Advisor and Trainer with 20 years of industry experience. I'm also a passionate home cook. By far though, my biggest role to date has been (and continues to be) Small Business Owner and Mother.