Competitor Analysis for Small Business – FREE Template, Handout and Video

Have you undertaken a competitor analysis for your small business?

Competitor Analysis for Small Business

Use the template, handout and video below to better understand your competition (no email address required).

A competitor analysis is researching your competition to better understand what you are competing against and how to best compete.

You can use the below template, sample, handout and video you can to better understand your competitors and their:

  • Products, services and offerings
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Customers
  • Marketing activities.

Downloads your free template, sample and handout below.

Competitor analysis_slides Competitor Analysis TEMPLATE Competitor Analysis SAMPLE

You can also watch the video below.

These handouts and video are an excerpt from one of our HOWTO Market My Small Business Course modules. HOWTOMARKETINGTM is an In Just 5 sister brand, wholly owned by the same company, and specialises in self-paced, online marketing courses for small business owners.

These downloads are a taster of just some of the fantastic tools, handouts, templates, samples and instructional videos you can access by signing up for our self-paced online courses.

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