Managing and Leveraging Content in 5 Points – Plus a Simple One Page Diagram

How to make the most out of your marketing content

Creating marketing content is an ongoing challenge for small business.

So if you go to the trouble of creating a piece of marketing content, you need to leverage it as much as possible.

Here are our top 5 tips for leveraging content and a one page content management diagram.

  1. Consider the purpose of your content and choose a content type that is appropriate to your purpose, for example are you, raising awareness, informing, engaging or persuading?
  2. Source or create ‘great’ content (refer to the content management diagram below for different types of content you can consider). Just remember if you’re using someone else’s content, make sure you have their permission and you’re not infringing on their copyright or Intellectual Property.
  3. Reuse, repurpose and recycle content. Aim to reuse 80% of all of your content (refer to the content management diagram below for different types of content you can consider)
  4. Use a Mix of Mediums and Maximise Your Touchpoints.
  5. ‘Great’ Content Is Only GREAT if It Is of Interest to Your target audience, Ideal Customer Persona(s) Or Key Influencers



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Kylie Fennell

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