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The Small Business Formula to Transform Prospects to Buyers


Small Business Marketing shouldn’t be as complicated as it sometimes seems.

In Just 5’s sister brand – HOWTOMARKETINGTM  – focuses on making small business marketing simple, starting with our 5 Step marketing formula.

The marketing formula is based on five simple steps. Identify…Connect…Engage…Persuade…and Nurture.

These are the key stages you will progress through to market your business and entice your prospect to follow. Your prospect has something they need or desire and they need to first be aware of you (The Identify Stage) and your potential to be a solution, but secondly that you can meet their needs (Connect and Engage stages), and that the solution you offer is fit for their purpose and represents good value (Persuade and Nurture stages).

This formula recognises the distinct stages a prospect goes through and the specific actions they are likely to take.

This enables you to identify, develop and implement different marketing and communication tools and tactics specific to each stage.

Different tools and tactics are used depending on the sales cycle stage, and are designed to get your prospect, lead or customer to progress to the next stage.

You want them to progress through and take the action you want from them.

For more detail on each of the 5 steps or stages of the HOWTOMARKETINGTM formula, watch the below video, which is an extract from the HOWTO Market My Small Business Course. See below for more information.

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HOWTOMARKETINGTM is an In Just 5 sister brand, wholly owned by the same company, and specialises in self-paced, online marketing courses for small business owners.

This video is a taster of just some of the fantastic tools, handouts, templates, samples and instructional videos you can access by signing up for our self-paced online courses. Find out more about our course here.

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