5 Ways to Turn Customers into Ambassadors for Your Small Business

Find out how to nurture your customers into brand champions

nurture your customers

It’s a widely accepted business truth that it is easier and more cost effective to nurture your existing customers than to find brand new ones.

Happy…no…’delighted’ customers make great referrers, engage in repeat business and will do the marketing for you – they will be brand champions or ambassadors for your small business.

They just need a little nurturing.

Here are 5 ways you can nurture your customers.

  1. Acknowledge their value to them – thank them for their business, tell them how valuable they are.
  2. Share the love – offer rewards for repeat purchases, loyalty programs and incentives for referrals.
  3. Stay in touch – find ways to stay front of mind with your customers, without spamming their inbox.
  4. Be personal – use a personalised touch. Individualise any important communication with your customers. Record and remember key details about them and their needs. Try personalised handwritten cards and notes.
  5. Do what you say you’ll do – the easiest way to keep customers happy is to deliver on what you promised, and when you can’t for some reason, own any fault. Aim first to manage expectations, then to exceed them.

For more detail on each of the above ideas, watch the below video, which is an extract from the HOWTO Market My Small Business Course. See below for more information.

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