5 Types of Direct Marketing For Your Small Business

How can I use direct marketing in my small business?

direct marketing for small business

Direct marketing is a form of advertising or promotion that enables an organisation to communicate straight to the customer. It can be highly effective but it also has a bit of a bad name – not helped by pushy telemarketers and door to door salespeople who sometimes push the legal and social etiquette boundaries.

However it’s possible for small business to get results from direct marketing by keeping it simple and sticking to the rules.

Here are 5 types of direct marketing that your small business may consider using.

  1. Direct mail and email 
  2. Door to door marketing
  3. Leafleting and letterbox dropping
  4. Telemarketing
  5. Mobile/SMS messages

Before you start any form of direct marketing ensure you understand your local laws and regulations such as anti-spam, privacy and do not call/knock rules and legislation.

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