5 Reasons why you need to visit Chinatown, Singapore

Find out why Singapore’s Chinatown is a must-see

Singapore is known for its architectural jaw droppers, incredible skyscrapers, luxe condos, fascinating museums, diverse cultural heritage, shopping malls, amazing airport and a multicultural population. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that it is one of the most visited tourist destinations of South East Asia.

As a travel enthusiast, I was determined to immerse myself in this fast-paced city and see everything it had to offer.

Like a dedicated explorer, I covered all of the famous tourist attractions in first few days and enjoyed a variety of the city’s famed culinary delights.

I wasn’t disappointed by what the city had to offer but it was Chinatown that stole my heart.

Chinatown is located in heart of the city and is well connected toSingapore local transport.

It is polar opposite to the rest of the city, with bustling streets, low-rise buildings, vibrant shophouses, traditional cuisine and temples. It’s the best fusion of Victorian style architecture and Chinese culture.

There is so much to do in Chinatown that you can spend the whole day exploring and discovering the wonders which the place has to offer.

Here though are my top 5 must-sees in Chinatown

1. Shopping

It is undoubtedly a shoppers paradise. The busy lanes and streets such as Pagoda street, Mosque Street, Temple street, Sago Lane and Smith street, encapsulate hundreds of small shops selling everything from souvenirs, antiques, bed covers, luggage tags, wind chimes, handmade paintings to silk robes and traditional Singaporean dresses. The best way to shop is to haggle with a smile and expect reasonable discounts on your purchases.

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2. Buddha Relic Temple

One of the highlights of Chinatown is the Buddha Relic Temple. It’s a Buddhist temple and museum complex located on Bridge Street. The four storey building is inspired by Tang Dynasty architectural style and has was built in to house the tooth relic of Buddha, which is made from three hundred and thirty kilograms of gold. The temple also houses a Buddhist cultural Museum on the third floor, which has a collection of Buddhist artefacts. The temple gives an opportunity to delve into the rich history and understanding of Buddhism. The visitors can also participate in guided tours and variety of activities conducted by the Temple administration.

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3. Tintin Shop

You can also drop by to say hello to one of your favourite childhood comic characters – Tintin & his friends – at the Tintin Shop located in Pagoda Street. The comic character was created by Herge in late 1920’s and since then it has captured the millions of hearts of readers of varied age groups. For a true Tintin fan, this place is no less than paradise. The store is dedicated solely to Tintin merchandise, collectibles, limited edition figurines and is among one of the few exclusive Tintin shops in Asia. Even a non-fan will be drawn towards the peculiarity and the charm the store possesses.

4. Food

One of the compulsory things to do in Chinatown is to eat! The place is packed with hawkers stalls, small cafes, restaurants and gourmet dining, catering to every price point. The die fors are the traditional Kaya Toast, Chwee Kway (rice cake), Hainanese Chicken Rice and Ice Cream Sandwich.

5. Nightwalk

Lastly, don’t miss an opportunity to take a night stroll in the Chinatown market, which at night is lit by spectacular red lanterns.

So next time you’re in Singapore, don’t forget to check out Chinatown, trust me you’ll love it!

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Jasmine Bahuguna

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