This Week’s Top 5 – Employer Branding, Bill Gates’ Advice to His Younger Self and More

Each week we share our top 5 small business life stories from businesses we work with, as well as other high quality content from around the web.

Business Inspiration


There is a stigma about having an unsuccessful startup as it can quickly go from excitedly telling others about your idea to explaining why you have moved back in with your parents. But failing a startup shouldn’t be viewed so negatively by those in the business world or by others.

Employer Branding

Companies will have to realize the value of creating strong company cultures and employer brands if they are interested in attracting this generation’s top talent.

Marketing tips

Discover how your brand can make the most out of 360 videos on Facebook.

Leadership and Excellence

Forget everything you know about how to be an expert. Try embracing shokunin. I delve into why mastering your craft is so important and how you can improve your business.

Kylie Fennell

I love creating and curating content, strategies and resources that will make your day. I’m a Writer, Marketer, Business Advisor and Trainer with 20 years of industry experience. I'm also a passionate home cook. By far though, my biggest role to date has been (and continues to be) Small Business Owner and Mother.