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Start Ups

It?s a startling experience to arrive at work, only to realise that my entire team had suddenly taken two weeks of undeclared leave. I was working in Cambodia, and had I been more aware of the culture, I would have known that my team was celebrating their New Year. It?s not an official holiday, hen


Business Inspiration

Highly extroverted workers are 25% more likely to land a top job, but introverts can make better leaders, research suggests


It?s staggering to think that every day, people around the world collectively watch one billion hours of YouTube. That?s over 114,000 years of video watched in just one day. And that?s just YouTube. It doesn?t even touch Facebook, Vimeo, or any other online-sharing platforms. But that number is a small indicator of just how much ?
There are more than 300 million Chinese middle-class, with an annual disposable income of about $20,000. More and more of them are using technology and…