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Each week we share our top 5 small business life stories from businesses we work with, as well as other high quality content from around the web.


As a business owner, it?s crucial that I am able to tackle challenges, all while managing people, tasks, and finances. These are my go-to resources for making that possible. They are either fairly inexpensive, or worth the cost, and have added value to my firm and the client experience.

The goal of any business is to make sales and grow its customer base. For online businesses, this process is quite difficult. Businesses use SEO, PPC, Email and Social media marketing to create new leads. But then they struggle to gain the real output – Sales. It’s hard to make potential customers buy products or ?

Human Resources

This insight helps you understand how to set mentors up for success.



I’ve sat there, paralysed over my keyboard, waiting for that temperamental little minx of a muse to appear on command. And guess what? She never showed. Sop waiting for the Muse, write for her.
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Kylie Fennell

I love creating and curating content, strategies and resources that will make your day. I’m a Writer, Marketer, Business Advisor and Trainer with 20 years of industry experience. I'm also a passionate home cook. By far though, my biggest role to date has been (and continues to be) Small Business Owner and Mother.