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Learn About Online Downloadables to Generate Leads & Sales How to use Data, Content and Customer Tools for Lead Magnets. This…

Harness the Power of Persuasion for Sales and Customer Service Learn how to be more persuasive to convert prospects and retain…

Pinpoint the most influential people for your business Identify and analyse key stakeholders, decision makers and influencers for your small business. This product…

Want to identify your target market and ideal customers? Identify the ideal customer (or buyer) personas for your small business. This…

Want to develop a unique brand story for your small business? Identify and articulate your point of difference and positioning…

Discover what marketing tools to use, when and how to use them, and who to use them for? Identify the best…

Do you want to know where and how to advertise your small business? Find out about different types of advertising…

Want to learn how to develop marketing materials for your small business? Find out about the different types of marketing…

Want to learn from an expert how to get publicity? Find out the best ways to get media coverage –…

Create and action your own small business marketing plan in less than 45 days.

Want to know more about digital and online marketing? Learn how to apply digital tools to your small business This…

Create Your Own Small Business Marketing Plan Easy to Use Template, Samples and Tutorial Videos When you purchase the template…

About Kylie Fennell – Your Marketing Expert and publisher

If you’re anything like me, marketing your business is an ongoing challenge that requires time and resources that you often don’t have.

Fortunately I have more than 20 years experience in media, marketing, PR and communication. I’m also an accredited Business Trainer, and Certified Practising Marketer (Australian Marketing Institute) so I’ve been able to successfully apply everything I know to my business.

Now I want to share my secrets with you, and show you how you can do the same with HOW TO Market My Small Business and my other small business marketing products.

What People Say…

“Kylie has keen marketing insight and on-point communication strategies.”

“Kylie brought energy and vitality to the launch phase of our brand with her keen marketing insight and on-point communication strategies. If you are looking to identify affordable marketing solutions that get great results…you won’t be disappointed!”

Jason Anfield

“I recommend Kylie for any small business wanting to make some smart changes to their communication and marketing strategies!”

“Kylie knows her stuff! I realised how much value she could provide for any business within their market. Her fresh and innovative ideas are a welcome change and her enthusiasm is contagious. I have no hesitations recommending Kylie for any small business wanting to make some smart changes to their communication and marketing strategies!”

Laurena Reissman

“Kylie is able to present and impart her knowledge and business expertise in a meaningful and engaging way.”

I have been impressed by Kylie’s level of professionalism and the amount of business expertise she has gained over the years.

More importantly Kylie has been able to present and impart her knowledge and business expertise in a meaningful and engaging way.

I was impressed by the length and breadth of Kylie’s knowledge and experience across all these fields and also that her knowledge and skill sets were at the forefront of modern technology and communication practices.

Cheryl Van Leeuwen

 FREE Small Business Marketing Resources

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The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Business — FREE ebook

This 100+ page e-book is jam packed with hundreds of practical tips and techniques to master your social media marketing, including:

  • Why Use Social Media for Business
  • Setting Up Social Media Accounts and Which Platforms to Use
  • How to Create and Source Awesome Social Media Content
  • How to Take Your Social Media Engagement to the Next Level
  • How to Manage Multiple Social Media Platforms & Save Time Doing It
  • How to Advertise on Facebook and Other Social Media Platforms
  • How to Get Hundreds of Real Followers for FREE each week
  • How to Handle Online Reviews
  • A FREE Social Media Planner.

WATCH NOW — NO EMAIL address required

 In this FREE 1 hour training video I’ll introduce you to HOW TO Market My Small Business and some of my marketing secrets. In this video I’ll give you introductory tips on:
  • Finding the exact kind of CUSTOMERS YOU NEED.
  • DIY marketing solutions.
  • Targeting your MOST PROFITABLE customers.

If you like these FREE resources…you’ll love HOW TO Market My Small Business and our other products!